10 Jun

As we know that Google Partner program is replacement of Google Certification Partner (GCP) Program. This change is not only affected the badge design but also the challenge that has been carried out for every Google partner. Previously, the name of a challenge for South East Asia Google advertising certified partner is SEA Exclusive Engage Challenge, but now, it is South East Asia Exclusive Partner Challenge.

The challenge is still same. It will still divide into 4 quarters. All agencies or individuals that have new Google partner badge are eligible to participate in this challenge. To get the new badge, the agency or individual must know Google products and do excellent job on delivering client’s request, etc.

The new name of the challenge has begun to be used for the 4th quarter of 2013. The 4 quarter challenge is from September – December 2013. Because DGtraffic has achieved the requirements which are participant in Google Partner program and get the new badge; it has been decide that DGtraffic can participant in the 4th quarter challenge.

On 13th January 2014, one email from Google South East Asia team has informed that DGtraffic has won its second early bird reward based on the agency’s exceptional performance. The reward is a Google Nexus 5 which is the latest smartphone with Kitkat Android system.

Thank you for DGtraffic’s clients and partners. Because of their support, DGtraffic can participant in the 4q South East Asia (SEA) Exclusive Partner Challenge and win the early bird reward.

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