04 Feb

Be careful when you’re creating a landing page. If you don’t, you will not only create unfriendly landing page but it will kill your page conversion and decrease the sale.  It will force you to spend more money to fix and create a new page again and again. Rather than spend more and more money, it’s better to learn how to avoid killing your page conversion.

According to Unbounce study, there are 5 things that can be used to avoid killing of your landing page conversion

  • Margin

Using small or without margin, visitors can read faster. However there is a problem, landing page is created to deliver an important message from you to visitors. When your content using small or without margin can make visitors to skip several line which mean they can’t get the real message from you. So it’ll be great if you’re using margin in the content of landing page to make sure that visitors get the message.

  • Loading time

When your page is loading too long it means you must fix it soon. Visitors don’t like waiting. It’s better to have a simple page that can load faster rather than a page with many contents but take a long time to load.

  • Above the Fold

Some people are obsessing with “Above the Fold”. They want all important things on the top of the page so visitors don’t need scrolling down. Well, it isn’t actually wrong but it’ll look messy because the top of the page has too many things. Study which has been done by Unbounce shows less content on above the fold will encourage visitors to scroll down for getting more information.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials may look simple but it has a big impact to your conversion and sale. Most of people need to read the testimonial before purchasing. Don’t just enclose a very simple testimonial. You need make it more attractive like including photo of people that give testimonials, name, position and more.

  • Heading

Heading is the first thing read by visitors because it has a big and bold font so the heading must be interesting and clear. Heading also make your content look more organized and easily to read.

For more information how to create a great landing page, you can call us or fill the form on DGtraffic homepage. A great and friendly landing page can increase the conversion and sale.

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