28 Jun

“Does Landing Page really need Google Analytics?” Or “Is Google Analytics important for Landing Page?”, These are questions that will be asked by clients when you suggest them to combine both Google Analytics and Landing Page together. For answering this question, you can give 3 reasons by explaining 3 main reports that can improve clients’ landing page. Those 3 main reports are:

  • Bounce Rate report in Google Analytics shows you how many people leave your website after reading one page or staying only for awhile. For a page that has “BUY” or “Register” button, a high bounce rate means the page must be improved or fixed.
  • Navigation Summary report is a deeper report than Bounce Rate report. Because low bounce rate did not mean all the audiences that come to website has purchased a product; they maybe only come and search for help or FAQ section. By using Navigation Summary report, you can see where they go and which page that they mostly visit.
  • Conversion Rate report is a manual report that must be customized by yourself in custom reporting section of Google Analytics. If you do not know how to make it, you can seek professional help from DGTraffic.  This Conversion Rate report shows you how far conversion that you have gained. To get higher conversions is the purpose of a Landing Page. By seeing this report through Google Analytics, you can see if your landing page is success or not. If it has low conversion rate, you must fix it immediately.

Hope these 3 reasons enough to make you understand that using only one tool is not enough, it needs two tools for getting the best result.

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