11 Mar

Google Display Networking (GDN ) is a part of Google AdWords. It is an online place where your Ads will appear. By using AdWords, you can show your Ads in Google Search, Google Search Partner and Google Display Network. Google Display network feature in Google AdWords lets your ads appear on news websites, blogs and others relevant websites.

Why use GDN if Ads of Google AdWords have appeared on Google Search and Google Search Partners? It is because most of internet users spend almost 95% of their online time to read contents on websites or blogs. GDN will help you to reach them.

What Kinds of Ads that can be used for Google Display Networking? Well, honestly it is a lot. You can just put Text Ads, Image Ads or Video Ads on websites or blog. You even can make your Ads appear on Mobile Website which usually only accessed by mobile and tablet users. Of course, the website and blog must be relevant with your website and products. Google loves relevant things. The blogs and Websites that are in GDN group have been become Google’s partners.

Okay, you can reach more potential customers by using Google Display Network from Google AdWords and create all type of ads so what else the benefit that you can get ? Of course, there are more benefits besides those like:

  • Your Ads will come out on website or blog that relevant to what you are selling
  • Your Ads will only appear on people that are likely interesting with your products or services
  • You can manage and track your budgets, campaigns and results
  • GDN can increase your traffic and sales because they reach more customers
  • You can target people that already come to your website and re-engaged them
  • GDN will increase your brand-awareness

For more information of Google AdWords and Google Display Networking, you can fill the form in front of DGtraffic website (home page). 

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