05 Jul

More and more people use their smartphones to purchase for video, music, application, internet connection or phone services via online.  This opportunity was not wasted by Time Warner Cable who doing business of digital TV, high-speed internet and digital phone service. In the end of 2011 with the help with Google and Leapfrog Online, Time Warner Cable made mobile advertising strategy to target the right consumers.

There are 3 strategies that are used by Time Warner Cable for mobile advertising until now. Those 3 strategies are:

  1. Optimize their site design for mobile use by call-to-action keyword periodization and screen layout simplification. It allows consumers to order a service right away from the Time Warner Cable’s website which they open with their smartphones.
  2. Contract Leapfrog Online to continue monitoring the campaign with integrated mobile media and call center tracking. Leapfrog Online also constantly adjusts budgets and keywords until the end of contract.
  3. Besides promoting the mobile website through search ads, Time Warner Cable also adds a click-to-call search extension to enable customer to call Time Warner Cable easily and directly from their mobile devices.

In just several weeks, Time Warner Cable has gain good results from its mobile advertising and strategies. The results are:

  • Reduce 30% in cost per acquisition
  • Conversion rate increases 3 times
  • Over than 10% of total digital sales are driven by mobile advertising and website

From this case study, you can see that mobile advertising can increase sales and income of your business. You can ask and consult with DGtraffic for more information about mobile advertising, we will gladly to help you.

Source: googlemobileads.blogspot.com


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