05 Oct

Team-building is very important for business continuity. Why? Because team-building activity can help us boost our teamwork, which is one of critical factors for our business. Knowing such thing, DGTraffic Indonesia held a team-building activity at Desa Gumati Hotel and Resort, Sentul, Bogor, on 12th -13th September 2014. The place is great and often used for team-building activity.

We begun our first activity on the first day at 9 o’clock which was a workshop. The speaker was Prijono Nugroho, Licensed Business & Executive Coach and also the CEO of Emerald Action Coach. Coach Prijono gave us an insight about “Quality is the Key to Excellence” in business. Besides that, he gave some tips regarding the importance of identifying ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, also how to project ourselves onto others so people could see it the way we wanted it to be. The workshop ended at 12 o’clock and we had lunch and a free activity after that.

We started our second activity, which needed an enormous amount of stamina even though it was fun. We were divided into 4 teams, and played games required us to compete against each other. Of course, in order to be a winning team, each team should have a good teamwork.

After we had our dinner, we gathered around a bonfire which was set up in garden. Even though it was a small bonfire, it was nice and made the night seemed more wonderful.  For this wonderful night, the committee of team building had prepared taste BBQs and an award night event. 

In this event, the committee will announced winners of our voting that we had several days before. The night filled with laughter, tasty foods, and of course songs. When night got late, one by one headed for their bedrooms.  We needed our energy for tomorrow’s activities.

On the second day, we headed to hotel’s pool to continue our team-building activity. Still with the same team as yesterday, we once again compete against each other to win and finish the task that we were assigned to. In the end, we realized that to win, we had to work not “against” but “with” each other. It made us understand that we needed a good teamwork to success. Big thank you for Pak Abin and friends from ANT Adventure for the wonderful experience.

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