19 Feb

In the beginning of 2012, DGtraffic Company had planned to make a workshop for introducing all products of DGtraffic to SMEs business. This workshop idea was successfully implemented on 15th February 2012 with the theme, “Optimize Your Website to Increase Sales”.  The workshop took place at the extended new DGtraffic’s office on 14th floor Menara Thamrin.

The speakers for the workshop were representatives for each department in DGtraffic. The first speaker was Vigo Luviadha as a representative of Analytics, Landing Page Optimization and Web Development Departments. He explained the benefits for all of these products. 

The next speaker was Erick Jonathan who came out as a representative for SEO department. He invited people to use SEO by explaining how SEO could increase their sales and traffics of their businesses.

For AdWords department, the speaker was Ryan Indra who encouraged people for optimizing their websites through Google AdWords by explaining what AdWords is, its platforms and benefits.

After all the presentations finished, each speaker with the help of Sales Manager of DGtraffic, M.A. Fauzi opened an Answer and Question discussion. With all the questions from auditions had been answers, the workshop was successfully held. 

The speakers are

Vigo Luviadha

Ryan Indra

Erick Jonathan

Vigo Luviadha Ryan Indra

Erick Jonathan

   DGtraffic Web Consultant   

   DGtraffic Senior Google AdWords Optimizer   

   DGtraffic Head of SEO 

The Panellist is

Mohamad Andi Fauzi

Mohamad Andi Fauzi

  DGtraffic Sales Manager 


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