28 Jul

On 22nd June, DGtraffic held its first CSR (Corporate Social Reponsibility) activity in 2013. This year, DGtraffic used new tagline which was “Bersyukur dan Berbagi Bersama DGtraffic”. For this year, DGtraffic chose Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel as its vessel to share a lot of blessings to the needy.

Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel

Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel is a part of Gereja Bethel Indonesia. Gereja Bethel Indonesia is one of Protestant Church which is under the auspices of Persekutuan Gereja di Indonesia (PGI) and Persekutuan Gereja-Gereja Pentakosta Indonesia (PGPI).  Yayasan Berkat Kasih is established due to the cooperation between Moslems and Protestants who happened to live at Kampung Sawah Cilincing. 

Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel is led by only one Pastor whose name is Veronica Siswati Backer. It is in charge of orphanages, nursing home, clinic and school from Kindergarten to D3 (Diploma III). All the services are free.  Not only Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel occupants get all of these free services but also all residents at Kampung Sawah Cilincing.

Due the number of people who needs to be served, Pastor Veronica can’t do it alone. Thanks God, there are at least 20 volunteers who dedicated themselves to serve others. They surely have noble hearts. With their continues helps, Pastor Veronica managed to runs Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel until today.

Do you want to know more about Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel? Here is the address

Yayasan Berkat Kasih Immanuel

Kamoung Sawa Blok B No 16

Kel. Semper Timur, Cilincing

Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara

To get more information about its activity, location, etc; you can just call Pastor Veronica at 0818 975 062.


“Share your love to people who need, it will bring you and other people Joy”-DGtraffic

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