05 Jun

Time sure flies so fast, DGtraffic which was founded on 11th April 2009 by Mr. Herman as Indonesia’s First Google Advertising Certified Partner is now 4 years old. To reach 4th anniversary, of course it was not easy but DGtraffic family had carried it out with courage and smile. Four years might be a short journey but this short journey had taught many things to us.

If the last DGtraffic’s 3rd Anniversay, DGtraffic only celebrated it among its family members; it would be different for its 4th anniversary. In year, DGtraffic wanted to share its happiness with others. That is why; DGtraffic combined its anniversary party with seminar. To make a small perfect anniversary celebration and seminar, it had been decided to hold them on 25th April 2013.

Even though there was a rain on 25th April 2013, the guests that came were unexpectedly a lot. The anniversary celebration and seminar was open with an opening speech from Mr. David Christianto.

David Christianto

David Christianto

 DGtraffic Director of Production

A party will not be completed without a toast so on the 4th anniversary, DGtraffic had prepared a toast event which had not been done for previous DGtraffic’s anniversary parties. Mr. Daniel Moningka as MC invited every guest and DGtraffic family to raised their cup and did toast for DGtraffic.

After a little celebration, it was the time for DGtraffic family to give their gifts to guests. The first gift is a seminar about “The Secret behind Online Success” presented by Mr. Arend Nurtani

Arend Nurtani

Arend Nurtani

DGtraffic Sr. Business Development

The second gift was an  insight about “Google Friendly Website” prepared by Mr. Ricky Driando. This was not only theories because Mr. Driando had analyzed guests’ websites so he could tell them which part of their websites should be improved by their web developers

Ricky Driando

Ricky Driando

DGtraffic Head of Technology

The third seminar gift was from Mr. Mohamad A.Fauzi. Mr. Fauzi wanted to introduce Google AdWords so the third seminar was about “Google AdWords Features and Benefits”. Before Mr. Fauzi began his session, he asked several guests to kindly testify what benefits that they had experienced after using Google AdWords so other guests could know that Google AdWords was worth to try on for their business.


 Mohamad Andi Fauzi

Mohamad A. Fauzi

DGtraffic Account Strategist Manager

The fourth gift was a free of charge consultancy time. At that time, the guests could ask unlimited questions as long as it’s relevant with online business and advertising. The Guests also were able to get DGtraffic SMEs account strategists’ numbers which they could call if they have any inquiries or questions.

The last gift was free online advertising on Google coupons. This gift would surely give a lot of benefits. The Guests could obtain the gift if they won either the best photo-shoot or the best tweet categories.

Besides all of these gifts, DGtraffic family also took this event as a chance to introduce a new member of DG Family which was Mr.DG. Every guest had met him and taken a picture with him in photo booth. He would stay there as long as he was needed.


Mr. DG

DGtraffic Digital Extraordinaire

DGtraffic thanks every guest that had came to DGtraffic’s 4th anniversary Celebration. For now on, DGtraffic surely will improve its services and products so it can deliver the best for its clients.

We wish this year will be a success for DGtraffic and its clients.

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