16 Apr

DGtraffic Indonesia holds the title as the Indonesia’s First Google AdWords Certified Partners.  Its services are Google AdWords, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Youtube Ads.

History of DGtraffic

DGtraffic was founded by Mr. Herman Chang on 11th April 2009. One year later, DGtraffic Indonesia was invited to Googlies 2010 Award in Singapore on 9th December 2010 and won the title as The Best Agency for Southeast Asia Region.  DGtraffic was awarded for its great achievement to educate Indonesian market about the use of Google AdWords and its benefits for their business.

By the age of three, DGtraffic adds a new business unit: Social Media Optimization (SMO). This new business unit is added because DGtraffic has learned that Social Media had a huge impact for online marketing. Another reason is because the demands of DGtraffic’s clients. Its services have included Facebook fanpage development, Facebook ads, Twitter maintenance and Twitter monitoring, moreover the brand owner are able to optimize Viral Marketing and Public Relation (PR) strategies by utilizing those social medias.

New Vision and Mission of DGtraffic

The Vision of DGtraffic is to become the best digital advertising company in Indonesia and International. Whereas the mission of DGtraffic is to assist many Small and Medium Business owners along with Multi National Corporation to expand their potential reach through many Google services provided such as: Google AdWords, Google Maps, Google Analytics and many more; in order to create brand awareness, enhance brand image, brand equity and also brand loyalty.

By entering the third year in this 2012, DGtraffic does expect some encouragements from its client, partners & media to keep supporting DGtraffic to promote digital advertising industries in Indonesia.

We wish more success, health, victory and bless for Dgtraffic and its clients.


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