23 Feb

For the first time ever, DGtraffic held a Year End Party. This was employee holiday party organized by employees that serves as morale boosters for the upcoming year. To carry out the plan, management had decided to create a DGtraffic Year End Party Committee with four sub-committees to plan more expedient and cost effective party. The four sub-committees were:

  • Decoration sub-committee
  • Documentation sub-committee
  • Consumption sub-committee
  • Program sub-committee

Of course all member of this party committee was DGtraffic employees. They were given 1 month to plan an awesome, energetic and fun party.

After one month planning, the party was finally held on 20th December 2013 at DGtraffic office. All of DGtraffic employees had to wore their favorite pajamas. Some employees even brought bedroom slippers and hair rollers. It was so much fun to see how your coworkers dress so bright & colorful.

The party was begun with team games. There were 5 teams that had to compete to be the winner of all the games prepared by program sub-committee. Of course, they were allowed to rest for several minutes in between games. In the rest period, they could get free beverage and food from the food stand.

After the games, there was exchanging Christmas gifts program. Everyone was ordered to draw a number to get their gifts. All of the gifts were wrapped in newspaper so no one know whose gift, they would get. Everyone opened their gifts and had different expressions. Some were unhappy, pleased, disappointing or satisfied.

This Year End Party would not be complete without DG Awards. There were eight DG Awards were given out by the company. It was a way from company to show appreciation to its employees. The eight awards were given to:

  1. The Most Punctual
  2. The Most Improved & Initiative
  3. The Most Supportive
  4. Rookie of the Year
  5. Team of the Year for Production Division
  6. Team of the Year for Sales Division
  7. Best of the Best
  8. Team of Excellence

After given out DG Awards, Mrs. Carolina Dewi as DGtraffic Owner thanked all employees for all the support that they had given so far. The party was closed with photo session and dinner.

We wish more success, health, victory and bless for DGtraffic.

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