10 Feb

It was second year in a row, DGtraffic Indonesia held a Year-End Party. The Concept for Year-End Party 2014 was a bit different compared to the previous Year-End Party. Committee which had been formed had decided to divide this Year-End Party into 3 parts:

First part: Short Film Screening Time

Member of DG Familly had been divided into 7 teams. Each team has been assigned to create a short film with a unified theme, which is “Struggle”. They had 3 weeks to make a creative and funny short film. Only 3 people from the committee didn’t participate because they were the juries.

Short film screening time was held at DGtraffic office on 18th December 2014. Committee conjured DGtraffic pantry into mini theatre where everyone could watch together their videos. For one hour during the screening time, DGtraffic office was filled with laughter. Laughter could increase our positive energy so we were flooded with more creative energy to do our jobs better.

Second part: Private Dining

Theme of this private dining is “Colorful in Diversity”. It describes DGtraffic as a company that consists of different individual characteristics and jobs. These differences have made DGtraffic more colorful.  The private dining would be held at Birdcage Parc on 19th December 2014. Birdcage Parc is a restaurant in Wijaya Street which is a perfect place to escape from office daily routine.

It was begun with selfie. Well, DG Family loves selfie so why don’t do it first when everyone still fresh.  After selfie, every team – same team as video team – had to send representations to play 2 games, which were Eat Bulaga and Post it on Body. Finished playing game, DGtraffic did exchanging Christmas gifts which were wrapped in newspaper so no one know whose gift, they would get.

The main event of this dining party was Award: Short Film Award, The Best Costume Award, The Best Yell Award, The Best Website Design Award and DGtraffic Awards. For DGtraffic Awards, there were 7 categories:

  • Outstanding Service
  • Excellent Attitude
  • Big Idea
  • Awesome Team
  • Extraordinary Support
  • Rising Star
  • Best of the Best

The Awards were distributed after dinner time. Of course, committee had also prepared a prize for game winners which were snacks that they could share it with their teammate. Besides those awards, committee had created 2 surprise awards which were given to Mr. Erick Jonathan as Vice-Director and Coach Pri.

Third part: Sharing Love

The third part of DGtraffic Year-End Party 2014 was Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR destination was Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation. Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation is a shelter for street children and teenagers in Jakarta. Besides serve as shelter,   It is also a place where children and teenagers can go school and been taught several skills to survive in the future.

For everyone that wants to share love with kids at Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation, here is the address: Bambu Kuning Street no. 27, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta.

DGFamily wishes you a Happy New Year. Let’s do our best for this New Year.

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