31 Jan

The second Rev Up Challenge was the first competition from Google Engage that DGtraffic decides to take part. Until now, DGtaffic has participated for 3 Rev Up Challenge competitions. For the first time DGtraffic participates, DGtraffic manages to get the first position and maintains its performance until the fourth Rev up Challenge.

In Rev Up Challenge, the first position is given to every agency or people running Google AdWords business and taking part of the Rev Up Challenge competition. Of course to get the first position, participants must fulfill a criterion from Google Engage.

For the fourth Rev Up Challenge periode October – December 2012, the criterion is a little bit different from 3 previous Rev Up Challenge competitions. The criterion for the fourth Rev Up Challenge is :

“The participant must achieve a total post coupon spend of USD 12,000 from at most 8 new Google AdWords accounts before 31st December 2012”

To fulfill this criterion, it’s not easy. But thank you for clients and DGtraffic’s AdWords so we can win again although the fourth Rev Up Challenge’s criterion is different from previous competitions.  This victory adds another achievement to DGtraffic ‘s success story that can be proud of. 

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