01 Oct

DGtraffic felt honored to take part in Indonesia Google Day held for 2 days in Jakarta. The name of Google Day in Jakarta is “g|Indonesia”. It was happened on 26th – 27th September 2012.  It was held at Balai Kartini Exhibition and Convention, Kuningan Timur Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

Why did Google hold g|Indonesia? Google wanted engaging with the growing community of students, academician, business leader and entrepreneurs who had the same passion with Google in Indonesia. For making it happen, Google decided to make it in two days. For the first day, Google dedicated it for business, marketing and entrepreneur class; and the second day for academician and students of university.

DGtraffic took part for the first and second day of g|Indonesia. For the First session of G|Indonesia’s first day, Mr. Arend Nurtani & Lionel Richie as the representatives of DGtraffic were invited to come forward to explain about DGtraffic. It was a good start. After that, each member of DGtraffic explained more about special promo of Google AdWords , also answer questions from visitors.

Special Promo from DGtraffic

What is the special promo provided by DGtraffic? Consumers that advertise using Google AdWords at least 1 million for 1 month will get benefits that are worth for 2 million. What benefits are provided for this special promo? Consumers can get:

  • Their advertisements will be optimized for 1 month
  • Google AdWords Consultation
  • An account of Google Analytics and its advance code
  • Free Google Analytics Consultation
  • Free Landing Page Strategies E-book

It is not a promo that can happen each month so grab it fast before too late. For more information, you can call us at (021) 3193-6552.

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