22 Nov

Actually, visitors (potential customers) have same aim when they visit websites and store. Their aim is to find what they are looking for. They will scan and only take a look of something that is interested them. They will decide to go to others websites if in several click or amount of time; they do not find what they are looking for. To increase the leads, you need to develop a website according to visitors’ behavior. Let us tell you several tips to create a great website:

  • Do not make your visitors think too much. It means you must develop a website which is self-explanatory. A great website should not make visitors confuse. Visitors come to your websites to seek an answer, specific information, not another question mark in their mind.
  • Create a simple form for registration and order. Most of visitors do not like to spend too much time just to fill a form.
  • Don’t distract visitors’ focus. Human’s eyes tend to attract to something that is moving and colorful like video, slide, picture and banner. A Video or slide only can distract visitors from reading content of your website except the video and slide promote your special deal, products or services.
  • Make your content interesting to read. When you want to describe something better to use dote or number to make visitors easy to understand who you are and what you offer without wasting their time.
  • Simple is Better. Visitors come to find information, buy products or order your services. They do not really pay attention to your website design as long as they get what they are looking for. To provide great information inside your website, it’s better to have a simple template but not too plain.

Hope this information can help you to develop a great website that is visitor friendly. For more information how to create a visitor friendly and great website, you can give us a call. DGtraffic has an expert team to give you solutions. 

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