07 Sep


People in web development department must know at least a little bit of SEO. They must work together with the SEO team. Is SEO really important to be acknowledged for web developer? Yes, definitely because SEO On-page development is web development department’s responsibility. If the website is not search engines friendly, it may lose a lot of traffic and take more time to appear in top 100 results of search engines.

How to do On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is usually done by web development team with the help from SEO team. SEO team analyzes the website and tells web development team which part of the website that must be improved and fixed. Usually, parts of website that must be checked and analyzed are:


  • Site speed or loading time
  • Url naming
  • HTML title
  • HTML heading
  • etc


What are the common mistakes found in websites?


  • Splash page or splash screen is the first common mistake. Most of websites put big image and “click here for more” button on their home page. Some of them even put it in flash. It is cool but not really search engines friendly. The home page can have a high rank and appear on the 1st page of search engines but most of your internal pages will not appear on the search engines because the spider of search engines can not follow the link on splash page. Your internal links will appear after they have proper internal structure that can be followed by spider.
  • HTML title tag is page title of a website. The common mistake is overusing it. We are recommending to use only trademark and keywords that can describe your whole website. For search engines friendly website, a good page title is 
    • Short (max. 65 characters)
    • Using keywords besides trademark 
    • Have unique titles for each pages so Search Engines will not read it as duplicate page title
  • AJAX can make a website look so elegant and cool but overusing AJAX can make your website get crawling and indexing issues because the crawler from search engines can not really read AJAX system yet.


Besides these 3 common mistakes, there are many other mistakes that can be found in websites. For more questions about a good web development, you can give us, DGtraffic a call. We have expert teams for SEO and web development that can help you to solve your problem.


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