04 Jun

Everyone has known what Google AdWords is and what Youtube Ad is, but does everyone know that they can work together? Youtube Ad can work better with Google AdWords’ help. They complete each other.  Advertising in Youtube can help you reach many potential customers by using video and AdWords helps you to choose the right viewers at the right price.

Benefit of using Google AdWords together with Youtube Ad:

  1. Only pay when someone chooses to watch your ads, not when an impression is served so your money will not be wasted.
  2. Spread your Ad on a larger scale. Youtube is the World 1st video destination and Google display network reaches 89% of population. By using both of them, you can reach more people.
  3. Target exactly who you want and who wants you. By using AdWords, you can easily target popular and hard to reach audiences. You also can remove audience that have watched your Ad or are not interested in your Ad.
  4. Have detail report of you Ad. By collaborating Google AdWords together with your Youtube Ad, you can get a detail report how your Ad runs in Youtube.
  5. Appear in promoted section. You video Ad will appear in special promoted section of video search result page but you only pay when audiences choose to watch your video for at least 30 second or to the end of the video.

These five benefits are in one packet when you use Google AdWords together with Youtube Ad.


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