13 Jan

Mobile advertising is one of the best ways to reach potential customers through smartphone. About 35% from smartphone users choose to purchase through their smartphone because it is easier and they can do it anytime and anywhere. That is why many businessmen have included mobile advertising in their campaigns. However most of buyers prefer to purchase when they have spoken to the customer services or marketers. It is one of human habits.

From the research that has been done by Google team, it shows that 52% of smartphone users like to call after seeing the information of a product or service through their smartphone. After seeing the result of analysis, Google creates Click-to-Call feature for mobile advertising.  Click-to-Call is a feature of mobile advertising that can help the smartphone users directly call a shop or company that they want without needing to go out from the website.

Google team strongly suggests companies that do their business through phone should include Click-to-Call in their mobile advertisings so their customers can reach them on the go and the mobile advertising can give impressive results. Example of companies that have gotten benefit of Click-to-Call:

  • Comcast Corp is one of global company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a provider of internet, video and phone services. Click-to-Call feature has increase more than 10% of their online sale.
  • Esurance is an insurance company on San Francisco, California. After including Click-to-Call feature in mobile advertising, Esurance successfully reduces cost per acquisition by 20% – 30%.

If you have more questions about Click-to-Call feature, you can give us a call. Our phone number can be found on DGtraffic website. Or you can fill the consultation form on DGtraffic homepage. 

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