02 Dec

Be aware, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service especially black hat SEO could create negative impact to your site. So it’s safer using white hat SEO. But there’s a slight problem here, you might prefer white hat SEO because of the reason above, but does your competitors thinks the same?

What if your competitors build backlink to your website but they are not quality backlinks.  Or maybe others have tried to hack into your website and putting bran impersonation in your script. But you don’t know because you can track and monitor it. As Kristi Hines wrote on SearchEngineWatch site, all of these things can harm your site reputation and visibility on Google search.

How to Track Negative SEO on Your Site

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool is a free tool from Google, so you’d better use it. If you’re still planning to use it, better quickly create and verify it for your site. This tool is a must for everyone who has a site.  Why it is a must? Because it can


  • Alert you if there is malware on your site
  • Give a warning if someone hack into your site
  • Inform you keywords that lead netizens to your site
  • Provide information about your search traffic and Google index
  • Let you see every sites that links to your site


Besides that, Google Webmaster Tool can also inform you if your site is being penalized by Google.  If someone has used black hat SEO campaign to your site by using low-quality backlinks, you definitely will be penalized by Google. The sooner you know your site has been penalized, the sooner you can fix it.

Monitor Backlinks Tool

If you suspect someone has created low-quality backlinks for your site or you want to monitor somec backlinks building created by your agency hired, you can try to use Monitor Backlinks tool. It can email you a daily report about new backlinks of your site so you will be able to track the development of your backlinks.  Besides that, it will also email you if there is some status of your backlinks have been changed. You will be notofied if your backlink has been stolen by your competitor or has been deleted.

With these tools, you can check if someone has created black hat SEO campaign for your site or not. Have fun to try.

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