05 May

If the previous 4th DGtraffic anniversary party, DGtraffic were able to share happiness with its clients and partners by setting up a free seminar and giving free Google Adwords coupons.  For the 5th anniversary, DGtraffic also wanted to share its happiness with others like the previous anniversary. However for this year anniversary, it was not for clients and partners.  Who would be invited to spend time with DG Family for 5th DGtraffic anniversary party?

The theme for 5th anniversary party was a fun dinner. By choosing the theme, DGtraffic had decided to invited children from Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation to join DGtraffic anniversary dinner at Bebek Bengil Restaurant. Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation is a shelter for street children and teenagers in Jakarta.  It is not only a shelter but also a place where children and teenagers are sent to school and taught several skills so they can survive and take care of themselves in the future.

The fun dinner for DGtraffic’s 5th anniversary was held on 25th April 2014. Before the dinner was served, children from Kasih Mandiri Bersinar Foundation lined up and sang 2 beautiful songs for us. A fun dinner would never be ‘Fun’ without games. That was why we had prepared games with the gifts which would be played after dinner.

After the game, children were served with ice cream and a piece of anniversary cake to make sure they got their energy back. They would need a lot of energy for the journey back home. But before they went home, every member of DG Family wished children safe return home and gave each children a goody bag with a lot of surprise inside. Eventually, the birthday dinner has to end, thanks to children who took their precious time to participate in DGtraffic’s 5th anniversary dinner.

We as DG Family also express its sincere gratitude to all clients and partners for the continue support. 

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