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Twitter is an online social media where netizens can post and read ‘Tweet’. Tweet is popular name for Twitter short text message which is limited to 140 characters. Twitter can be used as online marketing tool to promote product, engage with consumer and increase brand awareness.

How to Build A Twitter for Business

Profile Picture

Use image that associate with your business such as logo, product, etc. Your profile picture will appears in every tweet that you post, thus it is an opportunity to promote your brand image. The issue is profile picture has very small size and square-shaped.  What must you do?

  • Make sure your logo fits with the Twitter profile picture size. Resize your logo without changing its quality.
  • Make sure your logo can be seen even after you resize it. Something that cannot be seen will be useless.

Beside logo, you can use a human photo. Some of people fell more engage with human face photo rather than logo or other random pictures.

Twitter Background

Twitter allows you to customize your own background. Use this opportunity to make a visual branding. You can design a background that describes your business. After your design finishes, you must save it as image file and upload it to your twitter design setting.

Profile Bio

Twitter only allows you to write some short bio so you need to think very carefully and choose the right words. Make sure you write down

  • What you do (your job)
  • Explain how you can help other people
  • Add a short sentence that shows your personality

Twitter Lists

When you are doing business, you will follow many people because they are supplier and customers. As time goes by, the number of people you follow grows so does the number of their tweets. It is getting harder to read an important tweet. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, you should use Twitter List. Twitter List allows you to group people.  You can create 20 Twitter list. Each list can contain 500 accounts.  By using Twitter List, you will not miss important tweet from you consumers or suppliers.

Suspicious Accounts

Don’t ever follow some suspicious account because they can be spammers or accounts that run by Bot. Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t follow any accounts using Egg pictures as their profile picture. If they haven’t bothered to change their profile pictures, they will not say anything worth hearing.
  • Check the numbers of followers. If they are following many people but have only few followers, they may be spammers.
  • Never post their composed tweets? Only re-post other tweets? They may be not human but bot.

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