24 Dec

A Website is a business online portfolio to convince visitors (potential clients) to buy and/or use your products and services. To make a business online portfolio, you must remember that you’re not creating it for yourself. Well, you have to identify what is your offer because it is your business. What you must do is develop website for visitors who don’t know your business, products or services.  

How to Create a Better Website for Your Business?


When you develop website for business, you must know that it needs a logo. If you already have it, simply scan it and use it for your website. But if you don’t, it is the right time to create it. Logo is brand for your website. It is some sort of identity card for your business. Logo needs to put on above left pages. Please don’t forget to use “ALT” because your logo is image and Google couldn’t read image. “ALT” helps Google in reading image.


You must have a tidy and clean menu. Put yourself on the visitor’s shoes. If they cannot find what they want in the menu because your website menu is so messed up, they won’t get a good experience with your website. How to create a better experience for visitors? You have to build a menu that is easier to find and easily understood by them.

About Us

There is one page that you must include in business website which is “About Us”. In choosing a company to do business with, visitors want to know who they will be having affair with. In this “About Us” page, you can describe your business and convince visitors that you are the right one that they are looking for.

Contact Us

Include “Contact Us” page when you develop website. “Contact Us” page contains information how visitors can contact you/your company.  You should put your address, email, fax number, phone number and a map in “Contact Us” page.  The most important one is phone number because many visitors that visit to your website might just want to find your phone number.

Product or Service

Don’t forget to create “Product or Service” page.  This page contains information and direction list of your products or services. Please put some image so the page won’t be monotonous.

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