24 May

Landing Page is a page outside the main website that appears when someone clicks on an advertisement or an article at a certain site. It is usually used in online marketing because their effectiveness can be measured by seeing how many times clients click your advertisement links.

By using landing page, you can gain several benefits like:

  1. It can increase the conversions.
  2. You can build external link to your main website.
  3. It is easy to set up so it will not take your time to much because there is no software at all. Time is money; you must use your time efficiently.
  4. You can get accurate report because it just has 1 page. Usually a report consists of traffic source, bounce rate and content overview. By using the report, you can know which part that you must improve.
  5. You can dedicate the whole page to explain your products or services which can help your potential consumers understand what you offer to them.
  6. Testing several landing page at the same time is easier than trying to change your whole homepage every time there are new products, services, discounts and promotion.

Hope all of its benefit can help you understand more about landing page.


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