15 Feb

Nowadays, having an offline store is not enough anymore. You should take your business online. There are millions of people from over the world using internet. That is why internet has become one of the biggest markets. By putting your business online it can be said that you have a global shop where anyone from anywhere can come to take a look, browse and purchase your products or services.

Benefits of Going Online

By going online, you can get benefits like:

  • Promote your business via Global Network All Over The World
  • More people will know about your brand (brand awareness)
  • Increase the sales

These 3 main benefits are in one packet which is Online.

Get Your Business Online

You want get your business online? Well, that’s easy. First of all, you must have your own website. A website is a place where people can see your promotion, product or service; and they can purchase your products or services. So a website is a must when you want to go online. Develop a website that is suitable with your business.

You have already developed a website and had very awesome products in it. It is the time to promote your brand and increase your sales on Google. Why Google? Google is one of the most popular Search Engines. Nearly 80% people use Google to find information which means there are thousands of people that use Google every day. Even now, there already hundreds of people are using Google while you reading this article.

There 3 simple ways to promote your business on Google:

  • AdWords

AdWords allows your advertisement to appear in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). AdWords usually appear above, below or beside the natural / organic search result. The boxes of AdWords are easily recognized because they are in different color from natural search result and have a word “iklan” or “Advertising” above left of box. By using AdWords, you only need to pay when people click your Ads and visit your website. It is the best way to increase sales.

  • SEO (Search Engines Optimization)

SEO is a process of optimization for your website to appear in Google. If you’re using Google to search information that means you’re using natural / organic search. Google will seek your search and give you relevant sources and content. You can see Google give you thousands of results. Most of people will only click the results from first and second page because it will waste so much time to see all of the result pages. That’s why ranking of SERP is important. The higher ranking of your website is, the higher traffic (visitor) you get. By using SEO, you also increase your brand awareness.

  • Social Media

Another way to increase sales and brand awareness is using social media. Social media increase the engagement of you and your customers. You can add your social media buttons (Facebook and Twitter) to your website so your customers can join your social media network. Social media can be used as a customer services tool where they can give testimonial and suggestion for your business. You even can announce new events and do another online campaign like online quiz.

Now, you know why you must go online and how to make plan for your online business. If you have want promote your business, you can give us a call or just fill the form on DGtraffic website. We have Adword team, SEO team, Social Media team and Web Developer team that are expert in their fields.

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