23 Apr

You must make ads that really target your chosen audiences. Here are the top tips for audience targeted creative learned through the collective experience of hundreds of Google AdWords teams:

1. Make your ads a helpful step in the user experience

Make specific recommendations and provide new information for audience, it will differentiate you from other competitions.

2. Be Transparent

This is particularly important if you’re using remarketing. Showing a variety of ads helps minimize overly-specific targeting and repetition.

3. Tailor ads to your user

To drive better performance: personalize ads based on the product or service that your audience would be interested in. For example, if a user viewed a variety of smart phones, you could show ads promoting individual phones, phone plans, or phone accessories.

4. Landing Page Relevance

Seamlessly link your audience from relevant creative message to a landing page on your website with content pertinent to the product or service the audience is interested in.

5. Call-to-Action

A compelling call-to-action is crucial for any targeting type or advertising goal. Use your knowledge of your audience to match your call-to-action to the user in both content and style.

6. Use All Ad Formats & Sizes

Not every site will offer the same ad size and format – if you’re missing ad sizes you could be missing out on thousands of impressions. Maximize your opportunity to reach your audience anywhere on a network and increase volume by utilizing all ads formats, text ads, and display ad sizes available.

For more information, you can call DGtraffic‘s Google AdWords team.

Source: AdWords.blogspot.com


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