22 Jan

Google has their own policies and terms for AdWords Ads. To recognize bad Ads that violent its policies and terms, Google create an investigation system in Google display network, search partner and search result. Those bad Ads that didn’t qualified will get. What will Google do for bad Ads?

  • Disapprove those bad Ads
  • Suspend advertiser’s AdWords account
  • Disallow advertiser’s website from using AdWords Ads

Even the system has already created; it still needs perfection and human control to improve the algorithm. So, the questions are:

How can Google system detect your AdWords Ads as bad Ads?

The system catches and labels and Ads as a bad Ads, because the system looks to the actions patterns how the bad Ads created. If the actions of a good advertiser resemble a bad advertiser, the system will take an action. From the report of Google teams last year, the system has caught so many bad ads. 97% were identified correctly and the rests were wrong.

What can you do if it happens to you?

Well, Google will not take any actions without informing you. Firstly, Google will notify if your Ads have been labeled as bad Ads. The notification will be sent to your AdWords Ads account or email. The notification will give information what policies and terms that has been violated; and gives you some links to AdWords Help Center.  If you think that your Ad is not bad, you can resubmit the ad to get a review from your AdWords Ads account. The review will be done manually by person so it will take several days to get your Ads appear out again.

For more information about AdWords Ads, you can fill the form on DGtraffic homepage or give us a call. We will gladly give you the best answers and solutions.

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