29 Dec

Nowadays, achieving high rankings in Google Page is not as easy as it used to be. Thus, many SEOs and internet marketers are maximizing the link-building technique to push the ranking. The problem is, many websites are receiving penalty from Google for violating the Google’s guidelines & policies. It’s because while backlinks are important to SEO process, not every backlinks you have are good for your website.

Before we start, first we should know why backlinks are important. Backlinks or inbound links are links from another website that are directed / referring to your website. If a website have a good number of quality backlinks, search engine—like Google—will give more credit to the website and consider the website is more relevant than the others. Which mean, they will get a higher ranking in the result page. Therefore, backlinks become the main factor in SEO process.

As mentioned above, not every backlinks in the website is beneficial or high-quality backlinks. So, you have to be careful when choosing backlinks from other websites. Links that can bring harm to your website are called ‘low-quality’ backlinks. These links can get your website penalized by Google.  Some of the low-quality backlinks you should avoid are:

Backlinks from websites currently being banned or penalized by Google

To check if a website is banned or penalized by Google you can do a simple search like this: “site:mywebsite.com”, eg.: “site:dgtraffic.com”. If you can find the website then higher chance the website is de-indexed from Google because of violating Google’s guidelines. If you have link from such website, then you have to remove them from your website.

Backlinks from websites with duplicate and thin content

Websites with such contents are usually low-quality. That’s way you should avoid having backlinks from there.

Backlinks from website that are unrelated to your niche

Having a links from websites that are completely not related to your website can be create some danger. Because Google really look into relevancy and valued it. Website that are unrelated to your website niche for example, you have an online fashion store, then it wouldn’t make sense if you have a backlink from property website.

Backlinks from spam comments and forum profiles

Who doesn’t hate spammers? Well, apparently Google also hates spammers. So, avoid leaving comments or posts on forum for placing a link only. It will get your website banned or penalized by Google.

Links with hidden text

Never try to deceive user with hidden text or links.

Backlink from gambling or adult content website

Google have a strict policy related to website with gambling or adult-oriented content.

For your info, over 95% of Google Penalties are related to website’s backlinks. So if a website have too many low-quality backlink, then it would also end up losing its ranking in Google Search Result, being banned, or worse: be de-indexed by Google. By avoiding these low-quality backlinks, it can help you to keep your website healthy and have a higher chance to avoid being banned by Google. 

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