27 Oct

Everyone knows Facebook as a social media where people can build their online networking. Many people use it for different purposes whether it is for good cause or not. For companies, it is place for building their image and maintaining customer relationships. For some students, it is place to show their existences and build friendship.  For criminals alike, it is a perfect place to set a trap. Whatever their purposes are, they use Facebook. From this, it can be concluded that Facebook has been a part of our society.  

From Statista’s graph below, you can see that number of monthly active Facebook users is more than 1.250 millions.


Your Facebook friends and you are a part of it. If you have a lot of Facebook friends, your news feed will update quicker. What is News Feed? Well, to put it simply it is constantly updating list of friends’ and their activities in the middle of your Facebook home page. It includes status update, video, photos, links, app activity, group, etc.

Some of Facebook users will try befriend with you and will post some picture, link or video used to ask you “Like” on their own page. They do it because they know that their post will show up on your news feed.  But don’t worry because Facebook always improve its algorithm to make sure its users will have good experiences.

Facebook has announced that it will quarantine Page that break new rules of Facebook. Here are the rules:

Don’t ask people to like, comment or share your posts explicitly. Facebook will detect this because Facebook has announced that there is newly implemented algorithm to track these kinds of post. You cannot deceive Facebook now.

Don’t post same content again and again. Maybe you think, it is important but your fans and friends don’t like to see a same post every time they open their news feed. And Facebook makes sure to quarantine the Page that can decrease user experience.

If Facebook find there some users that start browsing their news feed again in a half-second after clicking your link because your link is a scam, Facebook will punish you. So you are better being transparent. Don’t lie to your fans and friends

With this announcement, Facebook wants to show users that they can’t deceive Facebook again. So for everyone that is doing social media optimization please be careful.

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