28 Aug

From Google AdWords BlogSpot’s data, it can be inferred that there are at least one billion people access Google Maps each month.  Why these peoples need Google Maps? Well, of course it is because they want to look for some particular location such as restaurant, interview place, car dealerships, hotel, etc.  It can be said since the first time Google Maps was launched, it had attracted people’s interests.

Google teams know best that they need to create new features and applications to make every incarnation of Google Maps better than the last. For 2013, they decide to launch new version of Google Maps app for Android, iPhone and iPad. This new version has a feature which is more attractive for users and effective for advertisers.

This new feature allows relevant ads to appear at the bottom screen after a user performs a search on Google Maps. The ads have included title, ad text and a link to get directions. If users want to know location detail from a restaurant or hotel in the ad, they only need to swipe or tap the ads.

When users click on the ads to know the details, they will not only get the full address but also phone number, photos, reviews and more. After that, they are offered several options, e.g:  

  • Information sharing with friends
  • Saving business information for later
  • Starting navigation
  • Click to call

You must know that the ads in Google Maps are same with ads in Google AdWords. The ads that appear at the bottom screen of Google Maps must be relevant with the keywords that users use in location search. Example: when users use keyword “Restaurant in Jakarta” on Google Maps search, there will be ads that relevant with the keyword “Restaurant in Jakarta” at the bottom screen of Google Maps result page.

For more information how to advertise your business in Google Maps, just fill the form on DGtraffic homepage. Our Google AdWords team will give you the solutions.

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