09 Sep

For any business, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that could be utilized as a place where they can engage with their customers.  To build twitter for Business, there are many social marketing strategies that can be used; one of them is Animated Gifs. What is Animated Gif? It is Short clips of movie or combination of image that play on a loop. It may have a limited color palette but believe it or not, it can gain exposure on Twitter.

What can Animated Gifs do?

Increase Brand Awareness

Make a creative Animated Gif which contains your brand. A creative animated gif will spread across social channels easily because there are so many people will be delighted to re-tweet it.  More and more re-tweet means many people will get to know your brand. Want the example? You can go and check Wendy’s animated gif at pic.twitter.com/MqyQYAFckr

Promote Your Product or Service

Want to attract more customers? Show your product more clearly to them. You better not think one photo is able to convince them to buy from you because as you know that there are many online business with the same products or services like you. You can attract them by combine several photos / images about one product in one gif to make it life like what GAP has done with its twitter, pic.twitter.com/8KwEghfTSp. Or you can use a short clip of movie to show you product feature.

How to Make a Powerful Animated Gif?

  • Firstly you must determine a goal that you want to achieve. What’s your purpose?  Increase brand awareness or promote product / service? This goal will be your guideline in making the animated gif.
  • Second step is as much important as first step.  Now, you must decide how to create an animated gif fit into your Twitter market. Are you going to use some scenes of movie, picture or other things? Whatever you use, make sure be creative.
  • Third post it by using a unique tractable URL created by using Google URL Builder, Google Shorten URL or Bit.ly.

 Have fun create a creative animated gif for your social media optimization.

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