28 Apr

Agency Rep Challenge or ARC is a reward for sales reps of Google Partner from Google.  Why does Google create a reward for sales reps? Well, Google has recognized that the sales of Google AdWords was driven by sales force engagement. And one way to motivate the sales reps is by rewarding them with their own sales point each time they convert someone to use Google AdWords.

DGtraffic was invited to participate on Agency Rep Challenge Q2 2014. Of course, DGtraffic gladly accepted the challenge. But, not every sales reps of Google Partner can get the reward.  Google had made some criteria which had to fulfil.

Criteria to Get ARC Rewards

Some criteria for Agency Rep Challenge Q2 2014:

  • Eligible account in this challenge was a new advertiser to Google OR Advertiser who had not been spending on Google AdWords in last 6 months.
  • Brought in eligible accounts and got them spending within 01st April – 20th June, 2014.
  • Made sure sales reps report eligible accounts to Google every 2 weeks so Google could do the tracking and recording.
  • Achieved the target spend determined by Google for this challenge.

ARC Reward Levels

For this challenge, Google had created 2 reward levels which were:

  • First Reward Level Silver with target spends: USD 9,000 had  1 Nexus 7 device as the prize
  • Second Reward Level Gold with target spends: USD 13,000 had  1 Nexus 5 device as the prize

Did DGtraffic Get ARC Rewards?

For this question, the answer is definitely “YES”.  On 25th September, 2014, DGtraffic got notification that 2 sales reps of DGtraffic had achieved the target spends for first and second rewards. So, DGtraffic got 1 Nexus 7 and 1 Nexus 5.

It’s all thanks to DGtraffic’s dedicated employees who had worked hard together, and the clients who had trusted and chosen us. DGtraffic will surely improve itself so it can give better services in the future.

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