02 Aug

Chukong Co., Inc or Chukong Technologies Inc is one of mobile game developers in China. Chen Haozhi as the CEO of Chukong has chosen to use Google Mobil Advertising or AdMob to promote ‘Fishing Joy’ game. ‘Fishing Joy’ game is a new game developed by Chukong for smartphones.


Why does it choose AdMob? The answers are:

  • It is a special advertising tool for mobiles
  • It can target specific users based on brand of their mobiles and places
  • It is the leading mobile advertising network
  • It has new feature to hide the ad from users that have already downloaded the game.

The Result

Chukong has determind several goals that AdMob has to achieve from the beginning when they decide to use it. Surprisingly, the goals can be achieved after 4 months. Below are the results of utilizing the AdMob platform:

  • Over 80 million download activities have already happened
  • Attracted 4.5 million daily active users
  • Chukong is ranked as no.1 free app store download in 33 countries and no.1 top grossing in 18 countries
  • Earned ¥ 100 million in foreign financial backing
  • Received ¥ 5 million in less than 3 months
  • Cut unnecessary promotional cost and increased efficiency by using AdMob’s new feature
  • Acquired new users at minimal expense from 10 – 50 cents


By seeing the case study above, it can be concluded that AdMob is a great advertising tool that can increase your sale without need to speed a lot of money.  Advertising in mobile becomes a promising way for advertising because most of Indonesian has already use smartphone. For more information, you can ask DGtraffic’s AdMob’s teams.

Source: googlemobileads.blogspot 

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