14 Dec

Know about Google Mobile Advertising? But how about Google Tablet Advertising? Actually, it is same with Mobile advertising but it targets the tablet users. More and more people using tablet device today. They have put it as the third digital device that must have. At least, they use it one hour per day. And, it is frequently used in the evenings and at nights.

According to Karim Temsamani and his team of Mobil Advertising, tablet device is mostly used for shopping, gaming and consuming media. From their research, they found out that tablet users have higher expectations of advertisings on tablets,

To anwser the need of tablet users and advertising agencies, Mobile advertising teams from Google has launched a new tablet-specific ad formats. On the display side, the teams also has launched a new Rich Media Designs for Mobile. These new rich media can help advertisers to create rich media advertisings for tablets using existing assets (logo, photo and others) and implement them across platforms such as mobile, tablet and desktop). Advertisers can use these templates in a number of ways, including an interaction with a specific product, feature a collection of products or promote foot traffic to a specific store.

So the conclusion is by choosing mobile advertising, it can gain more consumers from mobile and tablet. And, Don’t let yourselves left behind by the revolution of mobile advertising.

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