15 May

A new marketing solution for this high technology era is Youtube advertising. According to Advertising Age, YouTube is now selling ads against 8.7 percent of its 5.3 billion video views in the U.S., which is up from 6 percent just one year ago. While parent company Google Inc. won’t disclose the rate, Google spokesperson Victoria Katsarou said their Youtube advertising portal is “monetizing hundreds of millions of video views in the U.S. every month and seeing a lot of progress and momentum” toward adoption of YouTube by advertisers.

According to Katsarou, 70 of the top 100 advertisers are now on Google’s video sharing site, purchasing branded channels, contests, mastheads, banner ads, in-video overlay ads, and using an assortment of YouTube advertising tools.

Google product manager Tracy Chan believes YouTube advertising is well positioned to serve advertisers as more consumers use the Web during the recession and search for ways to save money. “Rest assured,” said Chan, “that the consumers you want to target will be on YouTube since our community is as large as the fourth largest country in the world.”

Source: masshightech

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