12 Jan

2012 is a new challenge for everyone including Google. In this year, Google is challenged to improve its Google Analytics feature because Google knows that marketers and publishers are looking for a comprehensive view of all interaction with their content, both of on and off their website.

Why do they want to know the interaction off their website? Well, most people maybe create many online contents for their websites but shared content rarely happens directly on the website. Instead, it only happens through various social media, social networking properties and feed aggregators like Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Digo, Google +, Reddit, Stumbelupon, Typepad, and others.

Google promise that the new Google Analytics feature will allow customers of it to discover who is sharing, voting and bookmarking their content on social website and cross-network measurement. Of course, there are other functions that will be included but it is still secret. By using this new feature, customers can gain more advantages than in the past. What its customers can do now is patiently waiting for further news from Google.

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