30 Aug

Landing page is a page of a website that will appear when we click ads links. Usually it has only one page. Most businessmen utilize it when they have new event, product or service to introduce. Occasionally, it is also used to promote old stuffs. It all depends on which product or service wanted to promote by the company. No rule that forbid you as long as those stuffs do not violet Google’s rules.

Is Landing Page Important?

It depends on your KPIs. If you want to increase your conversion, you should use it. The conversion can be anything. Exampel: if businessmen want to increase their online/offline sales, they will choose to create a Landing Page because it has proven that it can increase the sales.


How Can I Make a Great Landing Page?

DGtraffic offers service to make a great landing page so you can ask us right now. DGtraffic offers high quality landing page for your needs.

If you want to make it by yourself, you must learn how to make it from the master. There are many courses via online that you can take. Some of them are free and others are paid. But they can not guarantee that you can be good in this field. Maybe you can try first but if anything goes wrong, it is better to seek a help from the expert right?


How to See if It is High Quality or Not?

Generally, you can see if your landing page has met most of high quality Landing Page characteristics or not. To make it easy, here are its characteristics:

  • Clear Headlines
  • Strong calls to action and must stand out
  • Clear and concise explanation about services or products offered
  • Above the fold which means it has simple, clear and concise content
  • An image or video so it will not look so plain
  • Buttons like ‘Apply’, ‘Like’ or ‘Sign In’ are stand out
  • Interesting and good appearance
  • Fast loading time

Hope this article helps you to understand more about Landing Page. If you have more questions, you can consult it with us, DGTraffic. We have a special and expert team to handle it.


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