09 May

A good web consultant and developer should know how to create and develop a good website that is user-friendly according to Internet users and Google’s robot. Google’s robot (or spider) has a very limited skill to understand some of the programs. Even though you had designed an attractive website, the spider could not be able to process it. In other words, you must design your website according to spider’s ability to make it an user-friendly website.

Below are the judgments from the spider about three standard elements of a web page


Intelligency of the spider is limited to text. It can understand text very well but it cannot read something that is not on text form. Text is a clue needed by the spider to know more about your website.  For text, spider has at least one important rule which is the text must be visible to internet users. Don’t cheat internet users or the spider, play fair.


Image can make your website look more fun and colorful but sadly, the spider cannot read images. You do not need to avoid using image because there is a solution for this problem. The solution is ALT tag. ALT tag allows you to add a text to your image. Without this ALT tag, your images will be ignored by the spider. Better allocate some extra time to add ALT tag rather than your images get ignored. If your images get ignored, they will not appear in image search. With ALT tag, you can have positive SEO impact.


Flash is awesome and it will look really good if you put on your website. It is used and suggested by web consultant and developer however the spider does not like flash because the spider cannot read and understand flash. It can have a bad impact for SEO process.  But it does not mean that you should avoid flash.  Video Flash can increase engagement between visitors and website. Just remember to not put too much flash on your website.

There are more standard elements besides these three. Want to know more? You only need to call us, DGtrafficOur web consultant and developer will assist and answer every question from you.


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