26 Nov

Nowadays, mobile and tablet have been more popular than laptop or computer. Most of people use their tablet and mobile to browse, read information, update their social media status (Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook) and shop. So it is not unusual that mobile advertising clicks are increasing. This opportunity should not be missed.

For increasing leads through mobile advertising, you can optimize your website or create a great landing page that is compatible with mobile and table devices. For make a website / landing page, you must contact an expert web developer team that has handled the same case. It is because it concerns programming stuff like HTML, CSS and PHP.

To create one great landing page that can deliver your message to your potential consumers through any devices like mobile and table, you should be aware of these tips:

  • Make it simple. Remember, mobile has small screen so it is better to only provide necessary information.
  • Have a quick loading time. Most of mobile users do not like to wait. They will likely abandon a web that takes a long time to load.
  • Better not use Flash for mobile version website. It can make your website take a long time to load. If you really want to use flash, you must optimize it.
  • Optimize your brand. Even though visitors come through mobile that has small screen, your brand must be visible, so optimize its size and placement. 
  • The form to purchase, register or consultation (opt-in) must be easily filled even though the visitor are using mobile.
  • Purchase, register or consultation button must be eye catching and easily click.
  • Optimize the page by deciding scrolling option of the page, URL naming and page title. It is better to use scrolling option of the page, URL naming and page title that are visitors friendly.

For more tips and information of landing page and mobile advertising, you can give us a call or just send email via consultation form on DGtraffic homepage. We will give you answer as soon as we can.

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