08 Feb

SEO is a technique how to increase the visibility of a website in the Search Engines Result Page (SERP). In SEO, there are so many terms that must be known. Those terms are:

  1. Keywords are relevant and appropriate syllables that describe everything in to your website. Those syllables will be used to optimize your website.
  2. Title means title of your website and its pages. Title consists of keywords. Title has maximum characters so it can not contain many keywords.
  3. Meta description is a collection of words that provide information of your website / blog and describe more about your website’s title.
  4. Backlinks is a relationship from one site to another site formed by using a keyword that given link or hyperlink.
  5. Google Dance is informal term that refers to a period or a moment when Google update the index system.
  6. White hat is term used to describe SEO activities that do not violate the Search Engines’ rules and use safety ways so the website will not be suspended by Search Engines especially Google. The techniques that used by white hat is making manual optimization so it takes time to give a result.
  7. Black hat is an opposite technique from SEO white hat. It uses a technique to deceive the Search Engines. Most of the techniques use tools to increase instant result. Black hat method is disliked by Search Engines especially Google. That’s why Google always change its algorithm to avoid the used of black hat.

Besides these 7 important SEO terms there are more. For more information of these terms, you can give us a call or just fill the form on the home page of DGtraffic. Our SEO team will gladly help you.

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