16 Jan

Want to be success is not easy but it is not impossible. By using the right keys to open the right door, a company can achieve it easier than using the wrong keys. Here, there are 4 keys to success financial services PPC in Google:

1. Focus on Quality vs. Quantity

Think about the consumers that want to attract. Choose the right keywords that are high quality. Besides that, it needs incorporate analytics beyond the initial completed application. To identify the right consumers, brands will look to tie customer activity data back to a keyword, campaign level.

2. Improvement in Running Integrated Digital Campaigns

Without question, search is becoming more fragmented across devices, apps, websites, and social. However, with all the fragmentation consumers have more choices than ever, and brands have more places to be found in order to be successful.

3. Mobile Continues to Grow as a Major Player

This year, traffic of financial services clients that use mobile advertising was up over 1,200 percent! This trend is continuing to grow very quickly. Competition is also up in this area with CPCs up 139 percent.

Financial services companies will take better advantage of this trend in 2012 by breaking out campaigns to target mobile and OS specifically. Consumers’ expectations will be a mobile specific experience from keyword, to ad copy, to landing pages. If those expectations aren’t met, then it will impact the brand consideration going forward.

4. Tablets Are Important, and Not the Same as Desktop or Mobile

Tablets are often considered to be the same as smartphones, but the only real similarities are that they are growing rapidly (95 percent impression volume increase) and they aren’t the same as desktops. In 2012 brands will move tablets into their own bucket of performance, and optimize them uniquely. For financial services companies this is the perfect place to measure consumer quality, and set a unique CPA based on the consumer demographics.

Do not forget to follow each step above to be success. 


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