12 Dec

Why you must use Landing Page Optimization? For the uninitiated, a landing page is the first page of the website that a person clicks onto from a search engine.  People assume that this would be the website’s homepage but in fact conversion rates are higher when visitors are sent directly to a relevant page. Almost every page of a website can be a landing page.  Here are three reasons why landing pages are so important for your site and should be an integral part of both your PPC and SEO campaigns:

Relevance – A landing page is an answer to a specific question. The page mirrors the question and provides an answer.  When given an answer, the reader knows they are in the right place and have found what they are looking for.  When a potential customer types something into a search engine, the landing page that they click onto should provide them with very specific information relating to his/her search. If the page is relevant to the reader, this leads to better rates of site conversion. 

Navigation – Sending people to a home page and then requiring them to navigate around your site to find the specific page that is relevant to their search will lose you lots of traffic along the way.  Navigation plays a large role in determining the stickiness of your site i.e. how long a visitor stays and explores your site.  This can have a significant impact on site conversions and will result in higher sales and better returns on investment.

Google AdWords Quality Score – Landing pages have been incorporated as a factor in determining your Quality Score.  Along with your ad text and clickthrough rate, the content and layout of the pages linked from your ads will be evaluated to determine the minimum bid for your keyword.  The keywords that you bid on need to match the keywords on the page.  This means that, if you direct search traffic to specific landing pages in your site instead of your homepage, Google says they will reward you by giving you higher positions for the same bid price.

By providing what the potential customer is searching for, easing site navigation and increasing your Google Adwords Quality Score, landing pages can lead to better conversions.  This is why landing pages are important for your site.


Source: leadgenerators website


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